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Free online guitar lessons and guides for beginners

Welcome to This website is all about teaching you how to play the guitar at a beginner to intermediate level. If you already play, then this is a great resource to improve your guitar playing. Below I just present the main sections that you find in the menu above! Facebook page

Check out my Facebook page for news on new content, like new chords or songs =). Please give it a like to let other people know about my site. youtube channel YouTube channel has its own YouTube channel on which I post all of my video lessons which are riddled throughout my site. Be sure to subscribe to my channel to get instant updates when i release new videos.

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beginner guitar course

Beginner guitar course

If you have never even held the guitar, I will teach you how to do so and much, much more with my beginner guitar course. It features video lessons, pictures as well as a lot of useful tips and tricks, all coming together to teach you how to play from scratch! I recommend you to follow this course from beginning to end if you wand to learn how to play guitar. Keep in mind - everything always feels difficult in the beginning, but with hard work the payoff is always huge.

Beginner guitar course - Lesson #1


Basic guides

This section contains the most basic guides for essential skills such as reading tabvlature, tuning the guitar, advice on guitar purchase etc.

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Guitar tools

My guitar tools section has a lot of useful tools for you - scale collections, chord formulae, online metronome, guitar tuner and more.

Guitar tools


Important beginner guitar chords

Sure my guitar chord library is extensive and useful, but I would like to highlight the page with essential beginner guitar chords for beginners to you, as it may save you a lot of frustration going through my or any other beginner guitar course.

Important guitar chords for beginners


The Guitar Songbook

One of my most heavily visited pages is my Guitar Songbook, which features an extensive and growing collection of guitar songs for beginner-to-intermediate level guitar players, arranged by difficulty level. A lot of them are supplemented with video guitar lessons as well.

The Guitar Songbook

Who am I?

My name is Marcus Nilsson and I am the creator of this site. I am actually a Swedish med-student-soon-to-be-a-doctor. I've played guitar for 10 years and love to teach, which is why I made this site. It started out as a Swedish guitar site -, which then expanded into this English site as well. I love to get feedback from my lessons, so please feel free to drop me a line if you feel like it. Also, don't be shy to report any problems that you might have with the site. Contact me by clicking here.

Sincerely yours,

Marcus Nilsson