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Guitar chords - A# or Bb

Open chords

Bar chords / Moveable chords

The following chords correspond to both A# and Bb. Even though it says A#7, it's the same as Bb7.A#m is the same as Bbm, and so on.

You should be aware of that if you are reading a chordbook written by non-English/American authors (ie authors using H instead of B) a B is in fact A#/Bb. I know it is a bit messy, therefore it's easier to use B instead of H

As you may or may not know the H is derived from nothing but a misreading mistake by a monk in the 16th century (that's why it's not logical).

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as "H flat" - this would simply be a B in the old school notation.

A# Bb dura#m bbm mollA#7 Bb7A#m7 bbm7 moll 7A#6 Bb6