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Basic Guitar Guides - tuning, reading tablature etc.

Beginner guitar guides

The parts of the guitar 
Learn the names of the parts of the guitar, such as fret, body, neck, fretboard, etc.

Buying a guitar
Want some pointers when buying a guitar? This guide will help you.


How to tune the guitar
Learn how to tune the guitar with a digital guitar tuner, as well as by ear. Essential lesson.


How to read tablature and chord diagrams
I will teach you how to read tablature (TAB) and chord diagrams. Essential lesson.  

Playing with a capo
I teach you how a capo works and show some songs tat use it.


Guitar techniques in tablature
I demonstrrate the most common techniques you will see in tablature like hammer-on, pull-off etc.


Different types of guitars

When you have gone through these guides you should move on to my beginner guitar course.