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Minor scales on the guitar - E minor, G minor, A minor.....

All the natural note minor scales

Here you find all of the natural note minor scales (i e the scales of the notes without sharps/flats).






Step:    I          I          i          I          I           i          I          I
         1          2          3          4          5           6          7          8

A min    A          B          C          D          E           F          G          A
B min    B        C#/Db        D          E        F#/Gb         G          A          B
C min    C          D        D#/Eb        F          G         G#/Ab      A#/Bb        C
D min    D          E          F          G          A         A#/Bb        C          D
E min    E        F#/Gb        G          A          B           C          D          E
F min    F          G        G#/Ab       A#/Bb       C         C#/Bb       D#/Eb       F
G min
    G          A        A#/Bb        C          D         D#/Eb        F          G 

Step - i means a half step from the preceding note; I means a full step.
Click here here if it's unclear, it is explained in lesson 8 of the beginner's course.

On the fretboard

The root note is printed in green. Click on a diagram for a larger version (maybe to put on the wall?=))

The note after the slash in parentheses marks the major twin scale of the minor one (same notes, different root).

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